the movement of the body is not as good as it should

Many bones may be considered to be less important. And focus on the care of other organs more. But actually Bone is one of the organs that you need to pay attention to a lot. Because it is the foundation of good health. If broken fragile bones are easily broken.

As happened from Osteoporosis It will make the movement of the body is not as good as it should. It also causes pain as well as so as to prevent problems. Osteoporosis Not to happen to the body itself.

Osteoporosis Symptoms of reduced bone mass. Until the bone fragile fragile, even a little bit. For the cause of the problem. Osteoporosis There are a variety of causes. But the most common is that it occurs to women in menopause. Lack of ovarian estrogen hormones Or women with hormone hormone from ovarian surgery on both sides. Cause bones to wear. If enough, it will cause symptoms.

Growth Hormone is one of the medical options used to help treat osteoporosis. Growth Hormone is also one of the treatments. Osteoporosis in nature Because of the hormone secreted from the human pituitary gland, researchers have studied the efficacy of growth hormone in the treatment of osteoporosis. And have found some interesting study results at all.

Knee pain is something that many people think may happen to older people. But in truth, knee pain is something that can happen to all ages in a variety of different ways. In addition, knee pain may also be a warning sign of various diseases. Related to the joints Or other bones as well as knee pain is also a major obstacle in everyday life as well.

The main cause of knee pain. Knee pain is something that can lead to serious illness, so always explore yourself. Have knee pain Long time then feel the pain. Down to one leg or not. The shape of the knee is abnormal. Or have a swollen, swollen red hot fever? If these symptoms start to seek immediate treatment, the main causes of knee pain are

osteoarthritis This is caused by aging. Has reduced bone mass Thin bones Lack of elastic ligament loose Make loose knee and knee pain. Or deteriorate from heavy use, such as heavy carrying knees bent knees for a long time. Women wear high heels for a long time overweight. It can also be caused by an accident. Play hard sports Fall apart often Jumping often causes knee pain as well. The teenagers are often the same.

Tear of the knee It is common in athletes who often use collision, such as football, basketball, or may be caused by accidents such as falling stairs, falling stumble, falling, falling, etc.

This management of knee pain. It is the management of the muscles above the knee. Or quadriceps muscle The administration will make the muscles strong. Relieve pain inside and outside. It is easy to manage, anyone can manage more often 4-6 times a day in the beginning and 5-10 when the muscles are strong. Knee pain is cured.

There are two knees in the knee. Sit back and sit with a this contact form backrest. Sit back to the lower back of the thighs on both sides of the seat. Feet on the floor If there is no pain in the knee, hips or back, but if there is pain, use a help device. Extra chairs with similar height come to the knees. To stretch the legs straight up. And the legs below the knee. Then tense muscles above the knee by one. Do not contract the two together because it will not be fully managed. When contracting one side, then try to stretch straight leg. Then tense to count from 1 to 10 slowly and then alternately.

For you, it is similar. But lie on the bed. Not too soft Bolster the head with a pillow And use a towel device underneath the crook of both knees to keep the heel lean against the mattress while managing. And it will be easier to flex the muscles above your knees. Then, one by one, like sitting. Just this will help the knee pain gradually heal to disappear in the end if the symptoms are so severe heal yourself. Need to see a doctor to find the real cause. Do not leave until the chronic symptoms.

For anyone who wants to nourish and strengthen the body to reduce knee pain, but it is difficult to find food and vegetables. Helping to nourish the body is quite difficult. Due to the haste of current social conditions. These problems can be easily solved. By eating herbal products from nature. That helps in strengthening the immunity. And nourish the body to be stronger.

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